8 Kitchen Items To Help You Cook More Easily

8 Kitchen Items To Help You Cook More Easily

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Finding the right tools for the job in the kitchen just got easier with these affordable suggestions. 

Most cooks will appreciate something that will make their cooking experience even more enjoyable and, if it saves time and money for them, even better! 

1) Dual Air Fryer

Dual Air Fryer

Air Fryers seems to be the must have kitchen appliance, mainly due to them being energy efficient.

They are also helping to reduce waistlines by requiring less fat to cook with. Chips are no longer considered an unhealthy option. You can make amazing potato wedges in 15-20 minutes. A top tip to cook them evenly is to give them a little 2 second shake halfway.

The best thing about this air fryer is that it can cook 2 different things at once and it can synchronise them to finish cooking at the same time, even if they have different cooking temperatures and timings.

It can also bake and roast. The roast function can cook a small, whole chicken in an hour.

You do need counter space for it, but you will think it’s worth it the amount of times you will use it. It’s quite addictive!

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2) Braun Hand Blender

This makes light work of soup making and means you can make it all in the same pan. Who doesn’t love to save on the washing up?!

It differs from a jug blender in that you have more control, as it blends slowly and it’s up to you how chunky you want to make your soup.

You do have to be careful to fully immerse the blender in the pan though to avoid splashes.

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3) Food Processor

Food Processor

A Food Processor is like having an extra pair of hands in your kitchen.

It can chop, slice and grate faster than doing it by hand. You can also make cake mix or dough in it.

This particular model has all the attachments you need and also includes a blender to whizz you up a breakfast smoothie.

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4) Pressure Cooker

The Air Fryer isn’t the only superhero in town.

I love my Pressure King Pro. I can do soup in 8 minutes, a whole chicken in 30 minutes and I’ve even cooked a chicken stew, using frozen chicken breasts, in 20 minutes.

It is a great energy saver, using 66% less energy used by a normal oven.

Unlike an Air Fryer, you don’t have to keep giving it a shake or flipping things in it throughout the time it’s cooking. Just set it and forget it.

It cooks using pressurised steam, which helps to retain nutrients too.

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5) Slow Cooker

Slow cooking can help reduce your meat costs, as they slowly tenderise the meat, so you don’t need to buy such an expensive cut.

You can prepare sauce ingredients in advance and just throw them in the slow cooker with your meat before you go to work and you will come home to your dinner cooked and the house smelling amazing. The meat must be thawed first if it is frozen though.

It is cheap to run and you have less chance of burning your food, as the heat is more controlled.

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6) Long Silicone Oven Mitts

I received these oven mitts the other day and they are really comfortable.

I held a hot baking tray for a good while before I felt any warmth. They are resistant to up to 450F, or about 230C.

The silicone prevents liquids being absorbed, so that adds extra protection and their longer length protects your forearms from splashes or accidentally touching hot oven racks. If you’re as accident prone as I am, this will be real peace of mind!

You also won’t get tangled up and spend 5 minutes seeing which way to put them on, like you do with the joined ones.

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7) Tofu Press

This is a real eye opener as to how much liquid there is in shop bought tofu. The water is used to preserve it and keep it fresh.

Gone are the days of finding heavy objects to place on top of a block of tofu to drain excess water. It is squeezed in the container and it can be kept in the fridge while you do so.

Once the water is removed, the tofu takes on a tougher texture and it is able to absorb flavours much more easily.

There’s even a handy video to see how to use it. Click on the photo or link below to see the video.

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8) Burger Press

Why would anyone need a burger press, you could use your hands?

Hands are great and certainly make a burger shape, but a press will make it firmer and more evenly shaped. This will allow it to cook more evenly too.

It will also help to control portion size and your kids will love helping you to make the burgers with it.

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It’s always great to save time in the kitchen. Often, it also leads to you saving money too. I hope you find something you like within this list and you make your kitchen a more enjoyable place to be.